About Us

Spring Green Lawn is a family-owned company based in the scenic Tri-Cities of British Columbia. We’re all about making lawns healthy, vibrant, and beautiful. Our journey in lawn care began with a simple passion: to create lawns that families can truly enjoy. We believe that your lawn is a canvas for your family’s special moments, a place for kids to play, and a peaceful retreat for relaxation.

Our Mission

Our mission at Spring Green Lawn is clear: to make your lawn as healthy and beautiful as it can be. We keep it simple – we want you to love your lawn. We understand the unique charm of the Tri-Cities, and our goal is to help your lawn thrive in harmony with this stunning region. We provide top-notch lawn care services that focus on the essentials, ensuring your lawn is green, vibrant, and a source of pride. Join us on this journey, and let’s make your lawn the healthiest and most beautiful it can be for your family to enjoy.

"I love Spring Green Lawn Service! They have been taking care of my lawn for over a year and they are awesome. They always show up on time, they are super friendly, and they do a wonderful job on my lawn. They do core aeration, fertilization, weed control, and more. My lawn looks so healthy and beautiful that my neighbours are jealous. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs lawn care services."


"Spring Green Lawn Service is the best thing that ever happened to my lawn. I have tried many lawn care companies before, but none of them compare to Spring Green. They know what they are doing and they use only the best products and equipment. They have transformed my lawn from a dull and patchy mess to a lush and green oasis. They are also very affordable and offer free estimates. I trust them with my lawn and I am always happy with their results."

Mark Lee, Port moody

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